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Madagascar Ankizy Fund

The goals of the Madagascar Ankizy Fund (“Ankizy” means “children” in the Malagasy language) are to build schools and hold dental clinics in remote areas of Madagascar. The Madagascar Ankizy Fund was founded in 1998 by paleontologist Dr. David W. Krause, a professor in the Department of Anatomical Sciences at Stony Brook University. The Ankizy Fund is committed to improving the lives of Malagasy children.

Fund Values
– ALL children have a right to basic health care and an education
– Take pride in being a low-overhead non-profit
– Develop personal relationships with donors and supporters

Dr. Matt and Dr. Lindsey are both proud supporters of the Ankizy Fund and have been involved with numerous fundraisers and outreach programs. Dr. Matt has traveled to Madagascar, Australia and Mexico volunteering dental services. Dr. Lindsey has spent time on Native American Reservations in South Dakota, volunteering as well.

The Madagascar Ankizy Fund was established in 1998. Founder, Executive Director, and renowned paleontologist, Dr. David Krause has led numerous paleontological expeditions all over the world. In 1993, he fulfilled a childhood dream and journeyed to the remote island of Madagascar to search for Cretaceous fossils. Dave found a treasure-trove of nearly complete fossil dinosaurs, crocodiles, amphibians, and even mammals. His early field crews spent time searching for these fossils and camping near the village of Berivotra in northwestern Madagascar.

Shortly after beginning work there, Dave and the members of his expedition found themselves surrounded by children who were observing their work. Along with the remarkable fossils that they were finding, they also found some of the most abandoned and destitute children in the world—children who couldn’t read and write, children who’d never been seen by a doctor or dentist and were dying of easily treatable ailments.

It became clear that the paleontologists were in a unique position to help these children. They were amazed to discover that $500 USD would pay the salary of a teacher for an entire year, and that $300 could buy school supplies for a year. With this knowledge in hand, members of the field crew came together with several, relatively small donations, and The Madagascar Ankizy Fund was born.

The status of healthcare in Madagascar is desperate and declining. The country-wide averages for health care professionals are 24 physicians and 2 dentists for every 100,000 people. This means little in many rural areas where there is a complete absence of health care facilities.

For more information please visit www.ankizy.org.


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